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Why Sri Lanka?

The ancient mariners of Greece could not say "Tambapanni", as she was then called. So they called her "Taprobane". The seafarers of old Arabia called her "Serendib", a word that has since evolved into the soothing state of mind known as serendipity. Latter adventurers came up with names / nicknames such as "Pearl of the Indian Ocean etc.


The island is also famous as Ceylon, which was the name before it was named Sri Lanka officially at a later period.

The island boasts of all types of geographical topography within a few hours of driving. From sandy sun-baked beaches to the chilly breathtaking mountain ranges and from wet rain-forests to dry wildlife national parks, we have it all within a few hours of traveling. This is what makes Sri Lanka worthwhile in your bucket-list.

What's more? this is all set in the backdrop of a rich cultural and archeological heritage.


You will also, have a gastronomic food experience - just as in many other Southeast Asian countries, Sri Lanka also has absorbed much from its traders and conquerors from the past.


The island's rich heritage of indigenous dishes has been enhanced by the Dutch, Portuguese, British, Malays, Arabs, Indians and Chinese who passed through this beautiful country leaving behind their own recipes, spices, herbs and methods of cooking.

Explore the grandeur of ancient ruins in Sri Lanka, where time whispers through centuries-old structures
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Sri Lanka is a very welcoming country and the authenticity here is everywhere.


The Island known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, offers extraordinary experiences to any traveler reflecting natural and cultural heritages that could be visualized as a destination purely made for Travel & Leisure and experience flavorful food. The country is well acknowledged for its specialized, aromatic and mouthwatering dishes. The experiences have been unique enough to attract visitors from around the globe for long periods of time. You can relax by the beaches around the island and move to the lush green hills 7000 ft. above sea level within a matter of 4 to 5 hours by road if you need to breathe fresh air, consume fresh water and above all, to experience tranquility and calmness.

Sri Lanka would be the most preferred destination to be tried & tested.

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